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Nearly two decades of fighting human trafficking in Serbia


The most important for me in this five years of the psychotherapy is that I trust people, not everybody, but some of them.

It is so hard for me, he (trafficker) spoke with my landlord and he was around my home. A few days before his sone came to take my money and I called the police. I can not any more to live like this. I cannot take my child to the walk, I cannot walk alone on the street, I cannot sleep normally. Only I need is the safe place to stay and somebody that understands me. You gave me that. Thank you.

Dear girls, thank you so much for everything. You are great with me and than you for your assistance. Usually, I said to myself, you are not alone, you have ASTRA. You save my life and give me a chance to reach my goals. I am really so happy to have you. Thank you one more time. I love you.

From the beginning ASTRA is financing through project’s activities. All ASTRA’s donors are available here. Until today, we have successfully implemented 63 national, regional and European projects.